Swimming Pool & Spa Supplies

Everything you need for maintaining your pool or spa.

Ensuring proper water chemistry is essential for your swimming pool or hot tub. Our computerized water analysis service ensures precise balance, providing a comfortable swimming experience and safeguarding your pool/spa equipment. We offer top-quality swimming pool and spa chemicals from reputable brands like poolife™, Pristine Blue, Leisure Time™, Baqua Spa™, E Z Pool™, and others to assist you in maintaining the optimal conditions for your pool or spa.

  • Swimming Pool & Spa Chemicals
  • Professional Pool & Spa Care Advice
  • Computerized Water Analysis

Experience Precision Pool Care with Our Computerized Water Analysis

At Louisiana Casual Living, we take the guesswork out of pool maintenance with our cutting-edge computerized water analysis system. Say goodbye to trial and error and hello to perfectly balanced water every time. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures accurate results, allowing you to enjoy your pool worry-free.

Simply bring a water sample to our showroom, and our knowledgeable staff will analyze it swiftly and accurately. With detailed insights into your pool's chemistry, we provide personalized recommendations to keep your water pristine and your swimming experience enjoyable. Trust Louisiana Casual Living for hassle-free pool maintenance backed by advanced technology and expert guidance."

Pool & Spa Essentials Await You!

Explore our selection of pool and spa essentials, including chemicals, maintenance equipment, vacuums, brushes, skimmer nets, specialty chemicals, and more. Visit us to find everything you need for your pool and spa care.

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Complimentary Water Testing

Take the plunge into hassle-free pool and spa maintenance with our complimentary water testing service. Ensure your aquatic oasis remains pristine and inviting with expert analysis, all provided at no cost to you with chemical purchase.

Spa & Hot Tub Sanitizers

Bromine Tablets, Granulated Bromine, Granulated Chlorine, Non-Chlorine Shock Treatments, BaquaSpa Non-Chlorine System 

Spa & Hot Tub Balancers

pH Increasers & Decreasers, Calcium Increasers, Total Alkalinity Increasers, Metal Treatments

Spa & Hot Tub Accessories

Water Clarifier, Filter Cleaner, Enzyme Cleaners, Water Line Removers, Jet Cleaners

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Our Pool & Spa Care Product Offerings

Swimming Pool Sanitizers

  • Chlorine Tablets & Shock
  • Quick Swim Shock
  • Cal-Hypo Chlorine Tablets
  • Multi-function Chlorine Tablets
  • Salt for salt water pools

Algae Preventatives

  • Algaecides for all green, mustard and black algae
  • Severe algae treatments
  • Maintenance algaecides
  • Salt water pool algaecides

Pool Water Balancers

  • pH Increasers & Decreasers
  • Total Alkalinity Increasers
  • Calcium Increasers
  • Chlorine Stabilizers
  • Multi-function balancers

Non-Chlorine Systems

  • PristineBlue Pool Sanitizer
  • PristineClear
  • PristineClean
  • PristineCheck

Pool Maintenance Equipment

  • Dolphin Robotic Cleaners
  • Pool Brushes & Vacuums
  • Skimmer & Leaf Nets


  • Swimming pool furniture
  • Swimming pool umbrellas
  • Pool thermometers
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